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One stop store for lubricants of all kinds including Brake Oil, Engine Oil, etc.


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When it comes to carrying out business operations in a trading and wholesaling domain, selecting the right vendors becomes the top-priority. Why? Simple logic. Successful business requires happy customers who want quality products and for sourcing products of nonpareil quality, allying with the leading entities is necessary.


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We are not a big name in the market yet. Despite this, we are winning the hearts of many due to the following reasons:
  • Quality-marked Gear Oil, Brake Oil, etc., are delivered at the doorstep.
  • We adhere to our business ethics and follow fair trade policies.
  • No hidden charges are applied at the time of order payment.
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A thorough plan is always made before beginning with any project. Vendor selection, network establishment, transportation mode, delivery route, etc., are taken into consideration while performing any plan.

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How imperative the use of engine oil, brake oil and other lubricants is to automobiles and other machinery is a non-debatable topic! Anyone who wishes that his or her machinery functions properly for longer time period, he or she must invest in good quality lubricants. But, with so many brands available in the market, it becomes tiring for a person to get his or her hands on the right one suiting the respective application.

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